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A Greener Pilgrimage. 

"O children of Adam... be not excessive. Indeed, He likes not those who commit excess." (7:31)

EcoHajj is a website dedicated to providing tips, ideas and resources for individuals and tour operators on how to perform and organise a greener and eco-friendlier pilgrimage. 

Our aim is to increase awareness of the impact Hajj and Umrah is having on the earth, in terms of pollution and wastefulness. 

Find out more about the Environmental Impact of Hajj. 

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Find out ways in which tour operators  and Hajj companies can plan and help to organise a greener and eco-friendlier pilgrimage for their Hajj or Umrah groups. 

Discover tips on what to include in your goody bags, greener ways to look after your Hajjis and what kind of advice to give to your customers. 

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Our EcoHajj Partners

Hajj and Umrah tour operators in the UK and across the world who have agreed to become committed partners of EcoHajj are featured below.

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Dome Tours International

The first Hajj and Umrah company in the world to commit to a greener pilgrimage.

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