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Carbon Offsetting

Our everyday actions, at home and at work, consume energy and produce carbon emissions, such as driving, flying and heating buildings.

Going to perform Hajj and Umrah involves taking flights, using transport, and staying in hotel accommodation.

EcoHajj has calculated the monetary equivalent of the emissions for offsetting one Hajj trip from the United Kingdom to be £25 per person (overestimated), and $30 per person from the United States. 

There are a number of verified companies through which you can donate to various projects and offset your Hajj and Umrah carbon emissions. Please choose from the following:

Carbon Offsetting: Meet The Team

+Energy efficiency

+Hydro Power and Solar Energy

+Environmental Education

Nepal, Ghana, West Bengal. 


+Stimulate the creation of jobs linked to forest management

+Wind and Hydro power

+Supply of cookstoves

Argentina, Malawi, Kenya.

Carbonfootprint logo.png

+Clean Drinking Water and Digging Boreholes

+Water purifiers

+Tree Planting

Brazil, Cambodia, Sudan. 

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