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Dome Tours International

The first UK Hajj and Umrah company to commit to a greener pilgrimage with EcoHajj

Contact Person: Abdel Rahman Helbawi

Address: 363-365 Harrow Road, London W9 3NA

Phone: 020 8962 6644 / 0845 130 6132

Eco-friendly and Sustainable initiatives already undertaken. 


  • Hajjis are encouraged to share food and not to waste food during breakfast and dinner at their hotels in Makkah and Madinah

  • In Mina, Hajjis are reminded to share their food to prevent waste

  • In Mina, any unopened packets of food are distributed by the staff to passers-by


  • Dome Tours staff remind Hajjis not to waste water 

  • They encourage their Hajjis to drink all the water in their water bottles


  • Hajjis are reminded to keep their personal areas clean in Mina 

  • Dome Tours staff mention the seriousness of littering throughout the days of Hajj


  • Hajjis are made aware of Dome Tours EcoHajj commitments in their Hajj and Umrah Guide

  • The Hajj and Umrah Guide is available as a PDF, and customers are offered a non-printed version

Future Eco-friendly and Sustainable Commitments


  • Place cards given to Hajjis on arrival at their hotel will remind them not to waste food at the buffets


  • Dome Tours are committing to provide non-plastic reusable water bottles for Hajjis

  • Water dispensers are to be installed in Mina to reduce plastic bottle waste


  • Dome Tours will endeavor to use recycled paper for their Hajj Guides

  • Welcome packs and any other important documents will be either sent as PDF's or using recycled or recyclable paper

Dome Tours International: Team Members

Dome Tours International is awarded

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Dome Tours International: Welcome
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