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What to Provide

Tour Operators who are planning to give their customers goody bags, or other Hajj accessories, are free to browse the ideas and advice below.

Tour Operators are responsible for their pilgrims and part of the responsibility of making Hajj easier, is providing them with eco-friendly, sustainable products and helping them to reduce their carbon footprint. It begins with making sure that all Tour Operators have sustainable products and principles in mind.

Download our Free EcoHajj Guide for Tour Operators, which features our Top Tips on What to Provide. 

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1. Go Paperless!

Many Tour Operators provide their pilgrims with guidebooks, that gives them information and an itinerary for their trip. 

Tour Operators can choose to print their guidebooks using recycled paper, or make sure that all their material is recyclable. They should avoid the use of laminated, glossy paper, receipts, letters, and any metal binding. 

Another way to be eco-friendly is to be completely paperless. Pilgrims can be emailed a PDF of the guidebook, which can then be accessed on smartphones, and any other documents. 

Our Free EcoHajj Guide for Tour Operators

Download our free PDF EcoHajj Guide for Tour Operators. 

Our guide features all of the advice on our website, a checklist of eco-friendly tips and ideas, printable hotel cards, and our list of What to Provide for Hajj and Umrah pilgrims. 

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