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Why become an EcoHajj Member?

EcoHajj is an independent not-for-profit organisation which aims to provide eco-friendly advice and suggestions to individuals and tour operators who are planning to perform Umrah or Hajj. 

Increasingly, pilgrims and travellers in general, are looking to make more informed decisions and choices in terms of choosing companies which are committed to sustainability and becoming more green. Below are a few benefits of becoming an EcoHajj Member.

As a Hajj and Umrah Tour Operator, applying to become an EcoHajj Member is free. 

Download and return the Application Form today.

As part of your application, please list any Eco-friendly and sustainability initiatives that you already employ as a Tour Operator, and also list any future initiatives that you plan to commit to. Please attach any documents or photographs as evidence, along with your application form.

Become an EcoHajj Member: Services
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Your Hajj and Umrah company will be listed on our website as an official EcoHajj Member, to show your EcoHajj commitments and we will recommend you by having a link to your website.

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As a member, we will provide you with the official EcoHajj logo which you can place on your website to show your commitment to a greener pilgrimage. 

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We will give you an award based on your eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives and commitments. This award can be used to attract pilgrims who value a greener Tour Operator.

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As a member of EcoHajj you will receive an official certificate to display in your office, featuring your EcoHajj member award. 

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